All news and events to do with Watercolor and The Peacenet will be posted here. This includes new major releases, upcoming videos or livestreams, and more.

Community Feedback

Community Feedback is a place to post feedback for the community, the website, and Bit Phoenix itself. Feel free to start a discussion here. For serious issues, please contact @AlkalineThunder directly.

Peacenet General Discussion

A place for general discussion about The Peacenet.

Peacenet Bugs

This is a place where you can post Peacenet bug-reports.

Peacenet Future Features

Want to see a feature added to Peacenet? Whatever it is, go ahead and post your idea here. Who knows, it might end up in the game!

Game Feedback

Game Feedback is a place where you can post your own games and get feedback from our community. Before posting, please read About the Game Feedback category fully.

Computer Hardware

A place to show off your setup, talk about building computers, or any other computer hardware related things.


A place to talk about general programming-related things and share code snippets.

Suggestions & Feedback

A place for general suggestions and feedback for the site and the community.