About the Game Feedback category

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Game Feedback is a place where you can post your own games and get feedback from our community. Before posting, please read About the Game Feedback category fully.

Useful tips

  • Do expect negative feedback. Be prepared to take it when it comes, it’ll make your game and you as a developer better.
  • Insults are not equal to negative feedback. Don’t personally attack someone because of their game.
  • Be sure to post screenshots and videos if you can.
  • If you have a working prototype or build, post it!
  • Don’t reply to your own thread just to update the original post - use the Edit feature.

Posting builds/prototypes

Our server cannot host your builds/prototypes. If you want a place to host your builds, we recommend itch.io. For information, see our FAQ. You are free to link your itch page in your original thread if you have one.

PLEASE, do not try to upload directly to our server. Even Peacenet is posted on itch rather than here, if you successfully post your build here it will be deleted. We just can’t afford to host that. Thank you.