*Calling all ShiftOS skinners:* We need your skinning expertise!

(Alkaline Thunder) #1

Hey guys! @TheEdge and I have been working extremely hard in the planning department the past few days to come up with mechanics for the multiplayer mode in The Peacenet. We’ll go into detail later on about what these mechanics are and how everything will work, but, all I’ll say now is we’ll need the help of as many ShiftOS skinners as possible.

First thing we need to do is replace the current Peacegate OS default theme with a new one - a dark hollywood hacker styled one. Next, one of the big things that we want to do with multiplayer is have a bunch of “Seasonal Rewards” that you unlock by levelling up in both the Hacker Royale (formerly Survival) and Free Roam modes. These rewards are fully cosmetic and do not offer any gameplay advantages, but they can be used to spice up your Peacegate’s look and feel to both you and anyone else in the game to show off your skill.

Some of these rewards include fancy ways of rendering your hostname in the game’s UI, different desktop wallpapers, and, of course, different system themes.

If you think you’re up to it…

…then go ahead and private-message me on here for more info or join our [Discord server] and get in touch with us there. The only rules for this thing is that we do not want any OS rips (for example: Windows XP, Ubuntu, macOS, etc) for primarily legal reasons.

(Alkaline Thunder) #2