Compiling The Peacenet Unreal Engine

(Alkaline Thunder) #1

Hey there. In this post, I’m going to outline how to compile the Unreal Engine 4 rewrite of The Peacenet.


This guide assumes that you have Unreal Engine 4 installed and set up to develop C+±based games. For Windows, you can download UE4 right off the Unreal Engine website and install it through the Epic Games Launcher. Then, in Visual Studio Community 2017, make sure you have the “C++ Development for Desktop” workflow enabled.

If you’re on Linux, you may need to manually compile the engine yourself, since Epic does not host any official UE4 packages for any distribution. I can’t really go over that because I can barely do it myself; you’re on your own.

Cloning the repository

You’ll need a working git installation for this, but it’s quite easy. You don’t need to recursively clone Peacenet UE, no submodules. Just run

git clone

in a command prompt/terminal.

This will create a new directory called peacenet-ue wherever you cloned the repo. Navigate to that folder.

Compiling the project

Provided we didn’t commit any compiler errors, you should just be able to open the ProjectOglowia.uproject file inside the Unreal Editor. It will ask if you want to compile missing modules - select Yes, wait a little while, and when you see the Peacenet logo, it has compiled. Wait for the logo to disappear and the UE4 editor to appear, and you’ll be able to play/edit the game.

You’ll also notice that it has created a Visual Studio solution called ProjectOglowia.sln in the same folder as the .uproject. UE4 calls this your “Source Code Access Project,” and you can use this to access the C++ code for the game in Visual Studio.

Linux users: UE4 will generate Source Code Access projects for CodeLite, Qt Creator, KDevelop and Visual Studio Code. It will also generate a CMakeLists.txt file, if you’d like to use CMake to build the game. We prefer using Visual Studio Code as your IDE if you plan to use an IDE, since it’s widely available on most distros and is the easiest to set up.