If Discourse doesn't stop trying to teach me how to use it I am going to freaked it

(Declan Hoare) #1

Every time this site gets reset it’s Discobot this Discobot that. Wish we could use any other forum software for a change.

(Tobias SN) #2

You can just ignore it. After a while, it should leave you alone.

(Alkaline Thunder) #3

I am not a fan of Discobot either. I will look in admin to see if I can kill it.

(discobot) #4

You cannot disable your lord and savior.

(Alkaline Thunder) #5

That’s what you think. Little did you know… I have administrative privileges too… [evil laughs]

Edit: A quick post to Discourse Meta and some time in the site settings and discobot has in fact been disabled. The machines haven’t taken over. Yet.

(Alkaline Thunder) #6

Huh. Turns out that discobot going sentient prompted the discourse overlords to make the site settings that allow you to disable discobot easier to find.