Important changes to The Peacenet's development model

(Alkaline Thunder) #1

Hello. So we as a team have been discussing a few things in the background lately to do with the development model of Peacenet, and I’d like to go public with them. So, that’s what we’re going to do.


I’ve been developing this game as a hobby for over a year, and developing games in general for years. Like I said though, as a hobby. I’ve never made money off it, nor have I ever put money into it or had a job etc.

I really want that to change. Like, I want it to still be my hobby but I’d like to be able to get paid for doing what I love doing so I can put money back into it. (Such as paying the people who have helped me out, investing in a better gamedev workstation, paying to keep this website up, etc.)

I wanted to come up with a way to achieve that without forcing people to pay to play Peacenet or making the game fully closed-source but that’s just not feasible. So, here’s what we’ve decided to go for as a team.

Peacenet’s going proprietary. Its core components are not.

What this means is that while the game itself, its missions, its UI, etc, are going closed-source, many of its core components (the filesystem, window manager, terminal emulator, etc) are staying free and open-source for anyone to use/contribute to.

Each individual component of the game will be turned into an Unreal Engine plugin, meaning that you can pick and choose what you want to use for your game. For example, you may want our mission system but not our terminal.

This allows us to keep the components that make up the game free and open-source so we’re still giving back to the community in the form of code. But the game itself will go proprietary, opening up more possibilities.

We’re putting some stuff on the UE4 marketplace.

All the components we’re keeping open-source are going on the Unreal Engine marketplace as well. When you go that route, you’re paying for extra things that you could implement yourself but you’re paying for us to do it for you. This trades off money for time.

For example, you COULD take our mission system’s core and put it in your game and impleent your own objective/task types, or you could pay a few bucks on the UE4 marketplace and get a ready-made set of objective/task types you can use to build your missions. Seems like a good idea, right?

Peacenet itself will be paid.

It won’t cost much - 10 bucks at the most - but this is the only way I can really think of doing it effectively WITHOUT littering the game and its UI. Personally, I use adblock on everything because I can’t stand ads at al. It’d be hypocritical to use them to make money.

But… I’ve been here since the beginning, why do I have to pay for a game I’ve already been playing?

You don’t. Everyone who’s been here since before January 31st, 2019 gets free early access. You guys deserve it.

Furthermore, the alpha release of the game is staying free. That way everyone gets a chance to try the game before you buy it.


If you feel like supporting me as a gamedev student, rather than just Peacenet, I’ll be opening up a Patreon eventually. I’m not sure what perks I’ll have, I still need to think about that, but… I’m looking into it. That’s purely optional, though.

In conclusion

I really, really want to hear your opinions on this. It’s not something that’ll happen overnight at all, but I really don’t want to disappoint everyone. Moreover, there’s a lot of benefits for switching to this kind of development model.

  • We can make money from what we do while still staying open-source.
  • There’s a lot less of a legal risk when it comes to using other people’s content - like accidentally committing lossless Anders Jensen music to an open-source git repo.
  • Being a Veteran on our Discord means a lot more now since you get the game for free.