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(Andrew Lee) #2

Hello, i’m Alee and I like computer science

(Anna Mey) #3

Hello, I’m TheEdge and I’m an edge

(Tobias SN) #4

Hello. I’m that guy you talked to once


Hello i am JPlexer, I like Games and i report bugs to the Devs

(Declan Hoare) #6

hi every1 im new! my hobbys are writing operating systems in batch and watching youtube videos by danooct1 and osfirsttimer. Im trying to learn visual basic to create a new video game with a vast storyline (hint: it’s about hacking…:sunglasses:) but I also love programming in HTML and CSS, my favourite thing that i made is stupid boxes that shake around on the screen until i’ve typed 20 characters yeah real helpful.

(Alkaline Thunder) #7

“I’m just an adult man with a pet hermitcrab.” - Peter Griffin

In all seriousness, I’m just a guy who connects nodes and wires together in unreal engine and writes a tiny little bit of c++ code occasionally and somehow a game starts to come out of it

(Logan Lowe) #8

hey, i’m that kid that wanted in on the shiftos fame and ended up making shiftos my biggest rival for a while then it died

(Alif Muhammad Mumtaaz) #9

Hello, i’m everythingwindows, all of my thing was, you know, Windows

(caleb) #10

Obvious spam post, cleared by admin. Cheers!

(Richard Moch) #11

Heya everyone!

I’m FloppyDiskDrive, or FDD, or Richie, or Soul (the list goes on)…

I’ve been with the WG crew for a while and I just now remembered to join the forums; good going me, I guess.

I enjoy video editing, programming, and singing, among other things.

If you ever wanna talk, just lemme know!

(Kasper) #13

Hello world!

I’m a software and game developer from Denmark. I’ve been coding since 2001, and have been in the game dev business too. Currently I’m working as a senior developer in a small/mid size company.

I love playing games as much as I do making them. I also love fishing and messing around with electronics. I just discovered Watercolor Games, and I can’t wait to see the results of your development.

(Currently I’m downloading your source for Peacenet from github, and getting the latest UE4 engine)

(Alkaline Thunder) #14

Should probably update my entry here.

I’m Alkaline, The Fuzzy Riolu or Michael. Really depends on how well ya know me. I’m 16 years old (turning 17 in less than a month, woohoo :D) and have already gotten through two computer science related courses with over a 98% final mark in bth (one in highschool a grade ahead of where I was, it was for C#, and another one as a dual credit at St. Lawrence College for C++ and game development.)

I develop games in Unreal Engine 4, but I also enjoy the art of the bodge and MacGyver. I love writing small programs to solve problems in school, my most recent one being a C++ console app that runs through the quadratic formula and tells you how many roots a quadratic equation has and what they are.

I’m also visually impaired with Nystagmus, Retinal Distrophy (a.k.a Retinitis Pigmentosa), and Photophobia, but I don’t try to let my blindness get in the way of what I love doing. That does mean I have to do certain things to my computer to make sure I can code without straining my eyes too much though, and sometimes I need to take long breaks.

My first major project was ShiftOS, I started out as a regular dev in late 2014 after submitting one of my MacGyvered-together text editors to the developer competition. Later on I became lead dev and kept trying to develop the game until its inevitable failure, then I started coding The Peacenet - based off ShiftOS’s source code which ultimately became the Peace Foundation (which REALLY worked out given we ditched it in favor of Unreal and all our future games are staying in Unreal now.)

I love listening to drum and bass, rock, hair metal, 80s synthpop, synthwave, psychadelic trance, death metal, prog., progressive trance, and various video game soundtracks (Ori and the Blind Forest, Transistor, hackmud and Frozen Synapse just to name a few.) Really depends on my current mood and what I’m coding. I can’t code without music.

I usually stay pretty quiet here unless there’s community activity or I’m announcing something. I try not to over-saturate this site with myself, lol.

(Tobias SN) #15

Nu er jeg da ikke den eneste dansker her.