Let's talk Government Alert

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Hey there. So as you guys may know, Government Alert is Peacenet’s form of a notoriety system (like Grand Theft Auto’s Wanted Level, or Saints Row’s…notoriety system.)

If you haven’t seen either, basically, when you perform certain actions in-game that would be considered illegal, you gain notoriety. The more notoriety you get, the more the game starts to throw enemies at you to try to suppress you. Both GTA and Saints Row will start throwing police, SWAT teams and the army at you as you gain notoriety. But what will we do?

So I had three mechanics in mind for Government Alert.

1. Government tries to hack you.

As your alert level increases, the government will try to hack you. The higher the level, the harder they try. Simple concept. If they succeed, you get shut down and arrested.

2. Government throws malware at you.

This is an extension of idea 1 above, but, basically, instead of just hacking you to shut you down, they throw malware at you to make it harder and harder for you to do whatever you’re doing.

3. Bounty system.

Remember how @TheEdge started the idea of an in-game currency? What if we use that?

What I’m thinking is, if we have a currency and a reputation system, let’s incorporate both into the alert system. When you get an alert, rather than having the government attack you directly, they place a bounty on you. This bounty grows as you gain notoriety.

And this bounty becomes a factor in the game’s AI when deciding who the AI should try to hack. So, your Reputation, Skill, and Notoriety levels are the deciding factors for the AI, as well as its own levels. No sense in having an NPC with a high alert level and low skill trying to take down a high-skilled, high-notoriety player with a huge bounty when they themselves have a huge bounty on their head.

This has two effects on the game.

  1. The type of attacks you deal with when in Alert change based on how you play the game, since NPCs have their own personality parameters just like you, that dictate how they act.
  2. There’s an incentive for taking down systems with an Alert Level. You get paid. Which works out really well for Multiplayer.

So, what do you guys think? What should I implement? Don’t delay, vote today. :slight_smile:

  • Mechanic 1 - Government Hacks You
  • Mechanic 2 - Government Infects you with Malware
  • Mechanic 3 - Bounty System/Bounty Hunters

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I agree with all of them Also you should have put a poll for each one

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Just added one to the post. :slight_smile: