Peacenet and WG logos

(Alkaline Thunder) #1

Hey guys, I was sitting in my learning resource and wanted to design a new template for the Peacenet Chronicles series I used to post in the Early Access section here. I needed some extra assets for the header and footer design so, being on a laptop with Photoshop on it, decided to create them. So I’ll post them here. I’ll be adding more as I make or find them.

The Peacenet - Transparent Black with Text and Icon - good for use in light themes or Word docs

The Peacenet - Transparent White with Icon and Text - this is used in the header section of this site as well as in-game.

Watercolor - Transparent Black - also good for light themes because the “games” text is black instead of light gray/white.

Watercolor - Transparent White

Watercolor Compact - Opaque White - my avatar here


Watercolor Compact - Transparent Black


Watercolor Compact - Transparent White


The original Peacenet and WG artwork is made by astro, I just made most of these modifications in Photoshop.