Plans to revive ShiftOS

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Hey guys. This is my first post on the forum. And yes, I’m that 10 year old that wants ShiftOS back. Since I’m too lazy to make the C# clone from scratch, I thought about reviving the original 0.0.x game.

So I forked the 0.0.x source code repo, and changed the category “Fruits” to “Operating Systems” in Knowledge Input. Problem is: I don’t know how to use VB. So when I compiled the code, opened Knowledge Input, chose “Operating Systems”, and typed in “Windows”, it froze.

If you are interested in helping out go to

This isn’t going to give me any views…

(Alkaline Thunder) #2

Good luck on the rewrite but as someone who’s personally worked on that codebase for months throughout 2014-2015, it’s definitely not something you should try to learn coding from (unless you’re learning what not to do.) The game is very unstable, the code is messy, and there are a lot of places that take hundreds of LOC (lines of code) to do something that even a beginner programmer can do in 5 LOC. So, don’t expect to have a wonderful time working with it.

My best explanation for the feelings I’ve had working on it would be how Gordon Ramsay feels while investigating the walk-in fridge of a poorly-run restaurant on any episode of Kitchen Nightmares. It’s just putrid to the eyes and stomach-churning.

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Also, if you don’t know VB, you’re much better off just rewriting the game from scratch (Which you should do anyway, as the code needs heavy refactoring).

(EvanKTC) #4

Well just as TobiasSN said I should probably scrap the whole VB project and work on my own c# clone from scratch. Again it will be up on GitHub

(Alkaline Thunder) #5

Yes. Scrap the VB version. I just did a livestream where I attempted to refactor it. I couldn’t even make a dent in it before my wrists and shoulders started to hurt from repetitive actions. The only legit use of that code is being able to know how Phil loaded in save files and skins, and even then, those formats are slightly horrid when it comes to RAM usage. It’s better to just roll out your own save format and use that, and just use the old code to write a converter that allows you to upgrade to your new format.

Even then, don’t expect anyone to really want to play the game. ShiftOS is doomed as a codebase and a brand. Its reputation is so tainted that no matter how hard you try to recover it, it won’t work out in the end and it’s just not worth the time and effort involved.

You’re better off doing what we did with The Peacenet, and designing your own game within the hacking/OS-sim genre, coming up with your own gameplay mechanics, and only borrowing small parts of ShiftOS’s gameplay (or lack-there-of) just to create a somewhat link between the two games. Don’t revive ShiftOS, don’t revive it as a codebase or a brand. Improve on what it did wrong (and what it did right), and make your own game out of it. Come up with your own idea that captures some of the charm you got from ShiftOS… but manages to not be ShiftOS. If you can do that, then you are a better game designer than I am.

(EvanKTC) #6

I’m not expecting anyone to play it, it’s actually just to train my coding skills :neutral_face:. I just made the website in case anyone stops by wondering what it is and the discord is for devs and fans of the game (if i ever manage to get any)

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