[Poll] Custom Player Names in Singleplayer

(Alkaline Thunder) #1

This conversation came up between me and Sophie Wright from Human Interact - and that is, custom player names in Peacenet.

This was a feature I didn’t really want to implement because of localization issues that may arise as well as lore issues (the player isn’t supposed to know who they are at the start of the game.)

I’m just thinking of a way to properly integrate a feature like this into the singleplayer lore without ruining the storyline. I mean, in-game characters have to know you by something and there is in fact code in the game for storing a character name in the save file. (in the PeacenetCharacterIdentity struct, normally used for NPC names.)

So, the three ways I see of doing it are:

  • Use the Hostname as the player name
  • Use the Power-User name as the player name
  • Have Thelma ask what she should call you in the Pre-Setup environment

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