September 2018 Development Stream

(Alkaline Thunder) #1

Hey guys - it’s time for another Peacenet development stream. I’m going to try to get these going in the second week of every month.

The focus for this one will be NPCs (non-player characters) and moving Peacegate OS to a uni-pawn system (I’ll explain what that means live, but the just of it is it means NPCs, story characters and you - the player - use the exact same code to interact with Peacegate OS.)

I’ll shoot for 4:30 PM Eastern tonight if things go well. Still have a bit of prep work to do, and I’ll keep you guys posted both here and on the Discord server.

Hope to see ya’s there!

(Alkaline Thunder) #2

Couldn’t do one the other day, and I won’t be able tonight. But I’ll try to shoot for this Friday at 3 PM Eastern.