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(Alkaline Thunder) #1

Hey guys. I’ve got a question for you guys. What user interface style do you prefer as the default Peacegate OS theme? We’ve had so many different UI styles over the last little bit.


This is the original Milestone 1 user interface back in the early days when we were still on ShiftOS Engine. It was based on a ShiftOS skin by astro under the same name.


This was the first ever theme used in the Peace Engine builds and many of the subsequent themes were based off it. It featured the usual dark theme with three different levels of gray, but was before the 5 accent colors were a thing. The titlebars and window borders were bright blue.

The font style of this UI was Monda. The Terminal font was Ubuntu Mono.

Peaceful v2

This was the same as Peaceful, but the 5 accent colors were added to the game officially. Players could choose which accent color to use in the UI at the start of the game. The font was also changed to Oxygen, with the Terminal font being Roboto Mono. This theme was used all the way into the Unreal Engine rewrite.

Peaceful v3

This was used in the UE4 builds as well, and featured Contemporary Typeface as a font. Accent colors were no longer player-choosable and were instead used to indicate the status of the UI. For example, an error may be in a red panel and a success message may be in green.

Furthermore, window borders would become red when run as root.

Arnix v2

This was the first “hollywood hacker” theme added to the game. Everything was black, cyan, and Roboto Mono.


Mesh was Arnix v2 but with more color and more cues from the Peaceful v3 theme. Accent colors were used again, toolbars and sidebars were added, same with headerbars. Window borders were also animated, and the UI fonts were primarily Roboto Mono and Source Code Pro.


This is the current UI of the game and is currently in development. Similar to Peaceful v2, the 5 accent colors make a comeback, and no more full-monospace fonts. The UI fonts have been switched to IBM Plex Sans and IBM Plex Mono for the Terminal, and a new default wallpaper has been added.

The game’s main menu also takes on a similar look and feel to actual Peacegate OS, and soon, there will be complete continuity between the two parts of the game’s UI.

  • Arnix
  • Peaceful
  • Peaceful v2
  • Peaceful v3
  • Arnix v2
  • Mesh
  • Inkblot

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(Tobias SN) #2

Would be nice to have pictures.

(Alkaline Thunder) #3

Yeah, but I wrote this at school where I don’t have pictures available. I have the game’s code on my hard drive but not UE4.